Author: EuphorialQueen (guest author)

EuphorialQueen has had multiple Maxis Curated households (aka – selected as Maxis Faves). Her interesting, creative, and unique households are some of my favorites, and I’m sure you will love her tips for creating them! Enjoy! – Sheri

My History with The Sims

When The Sims was originally released in 2000, I was the single Mom of a 22-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 10-year-old. Not much time for gaming, but I found The Sims at a local gaming store. It was fun, but my poor computer was not up to it. The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4 had me looking for all the newest releases, and I could not wait to get my hands on them. Today, The Sims 4 is my biggest passion (after family of course).

Creating, sharing and playing unique Sims is what I enjoy the most. Though my Sims may be inspired by real life, they are not intentionally representative of any given person.

Playing with Genetics

Hitting the random button can create the essence of what a Sim will look like, how they act (traits) and think. After that their look is customized by tweaking facial features, adding hair and making them more real. Certain skin tones and eye color can be created through genetic blends of different Sims.

Give Them Personality

Aspirations are used for the bonus traits. Common examples are using a food aspiration for the ‘Essence of Flavor’ bonus trait. Or a knowledge aspiration for the ‘Quick Learner’ bonus trait. Choosing the master chef aspiration does not mean your Sim must join the culinary field. The ‘Essence of Flavor’ bonus trait helps by being able to cook higher quality meals. And maybe not setting the stove on fire or burning the house down.

*Maxis Fav* | Whistler and Yodeler extraordinaire!

*Maxis Fav* | Whistler and Yodeler extraordinaire!

Olie Sirat

Olie Sirat | Essence of Flavor, Childish, Clumsy, Bro

Less than Perfect

What some players consider negative or less that desirable traits are a fun way to make Sims more interesting.

I love the concept of a “Fatal Flaw” introduced in The Sims Medieval and I carry this over into my game.

Fashion Forward or Fashion Faux Pas

Wardrobe style and color choices help project to others the story of a Sim. Be brave and select pieces that reflect their personality. Make their favorite color (one that looks good on them) a theme that runs through all categories. Similar or complementary colors are nice to make them look coordinated.

Eartha & Tyme

Casual or posh is another design decision. What best tells the story? Jeans and a shirt with boots or athletic shoes, or dress pants/skirt and button-down shirt/jacket?

Time Warp

Children and toddlers are fun to create but it is difficult to see their future selves in those tiny faces. For new creations the solution is simple. Start with a teen or young adult to get the facial features you want to see when they grow up in game. No worries about wardrobe, traits or aspirations at this point.

When you are done making those perfect (or slightly not-so-perfect) features, age them down to toddler or child and personalize their hair and wardrobe. Some of my households have been aged down to younger versions of themselves to add to current households.

Toddler Mania Challenge

Toddler Mania Challenge (click photo to view the challenge)

Flip the Script

…Also known as gender-swapping. Take a favorite Sim and turn them into the opposite gender for a totally new look and personality. Facial features will be similar but not the same. This gives a whole new opportunity to restyle and play then, through a new lifetime.

Add Some Flavor

Aliens are my hands-down favorite occult. I like creating and playing them, and babies born to my Sim by abduction are a bonus in my book. They also have beautiful skin tones unique to their species. These same tones can be achieved in a normal Sim by combining them with Aliens genetics. Yes, you can create a non-alien with Alien skin tones.

Olie Sirat

Add Some Flavor | Aliens are my hands-down favorite occult

Create-a-Sim Story Mode

A brilliant idea added to the game via the July 2019 game patch. It allows players to generate a Sim with random aspiration, traits, a few skills, and sometimes a career. This is done by answering a series of questions which create the personality. The features and style are fully customizable before releasing them into the wild… er… putting them in game.

Background Story

Telling a good story is important to tell others about your Sim. It makes them more interesting and can lead to more downloads to be played in other players’ games. Using an identifying hashtag is helpful in finding creations in the gallery. Not too many, though, as that can be overwhelming and confusing.

The story of Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin | The Grey Man

The story of Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin | The Grey Man…

Share Your Work

Uploading your creations to the gallery serves two purposes. It preserves creations for your own use to be played and updated or restyled as you wish. Sharing your Sims in the gallery also allows others to use them in their own games.

Maxis loves to see unique creations made using content already in the game. Many of these are tagged as a Maxis Favorite and added to the archives to be preserved. There is a criteria for this honor which is outlined in a forum thread: How do we choose our Maxis Faves? – Curation Guide!

Credit: Photos by Buttonsginger

About EuphorialQueen

I’m a long-time, avid player of The Sims. Look for EuphorialQueen on anything Sims-related and you will find me.

Valeda Tivona

Valeda Tivona

Number One Top:  Valeda Tivona is my “Spirit Sim

  • Valeda meaning brave and Tivona meaning loves nature.
  • Her original version was created for the Eco Existence Challenge revised by me.
  • Restyled for Highlander Crest Challenge by Buttonsginger
  • Restyled again for Murkland and for fun restyled and renamed Destiny Savage (Jungle Adventures Version)
  • Her bloodline runs thru my gallery in a number of households.
  • Learn more about Valeda Tivona on the EQ’s website
  • View Valeda Tivona in the EA browser gallery!
  • Credit: Photos by Buttonsginger
Olie Sirat

Olie Sirat

Close second is my dear lovely blue Olie (before aliens we had blue and green skin tones).

  • His name is an anagram of the word ‘solitaire’ because he was created to play the Rosebud 500K Solitaire challenge.
  • He has also be restyled and shared after new packs were added.
  • View Olie Sirat in the EA Gallery!
  • View Olie Sirat on EQ’s website
Toddler Mania

Toddler Mania

Time WarpChildren and toddlers are fun to create but it is difficult to see their future selves in those tiny faces.
Start with a teen or young adult to get the facial features you want to see when they grow up in game… When you are done making those perfect (or slightly not-so-perfect) features, age them down to toddler or child and personalize their hair and wardrobe.

Copernicus Tyme

Copernicus Tyme

A likable soul known to many as Papa Tyme.

Mother Eartha

Mother Eartha

Mother Eartha Loves children and music. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage but is such a natural musician I switch over to the creative aspiration when I am playing her.

Eartha & Tyme

Eartha & Tyme

Mother Eartha and Copernicus Tyme seem to be a natural match.
Shared as a couple: Eartha & Tyme:

Gem's Stars

Gem’s Stars

All Teens: Betta Omega, Gem Pena, Jude Coles and Princess Allegory
Gem and her friends are on a quest to save the world … from boredom! These teens use their talents to seek out mysteries and solve the unsolvable.

Yodah Ladee Whooo

Yodah Ladee Whooo

*Maxis Fav* | Whistler and Yodeler extraordinaire!
“Five time champion in the Annual Barn Swallow Whistle and Yodel Competition Yodah Ladee lives somewhere in the Deep Woods. Those sounds you hear late at night might just be the wind. Or it could be Yodah Ladee Whooo practicing for her next win. Can she once again beat her arch rival Whetcher Whistle? Will Whetcher Whistle pucker up… or shut up?”

The story of Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin  | The Grey Man

Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin

*Maxis Fav* | Top Download
The story of Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin |Background Story :

Renaldy (Ren) Konstantin (I call him Ren)
Renaldy “A wise ruler” Konstantin Meaning‎: ‎”constant, steadfast” derived from Constantinus (Constantine)
“When the dust cleared Ren found himself amidst a pile of rubble. Slowly opening his eyes he had trouble focusing and his head felt like it had split wide open. He saw movement of something large coming towards him. He tried to stand but instead he fell back into a swirling pool of nothingness.”