Using Mods & CC in Sims 4

Tips & Help for Playing Sims 4 with Mods & CC...

If you prefer, you can try adding a quality, well-maintained Mod or piece of Custom Content (CC) to your game. However…

Use Mods & CC with wisdom and caution.

Keep your Mods & CC well maintained, and always follow the guidelines of what to do before and after a game patch/update. 

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Sims 4 | Mods & CC Troubleshooting

Mods & CC (Custom Content) can develop conflicts after updates and other changes in your game. Following is the advice that I generally give as a first step in troubleshooting if you have Mods &/or CC in your game. This can eliminate the possibility of a conflict causing an issue, and in most cases if the Mod/CC is causing the issue this will help you find which one(s) is conflicting so you can remove them until an updated version is available.

Try the following in this order without skipping any steps, even if you’ve done some of these steps already:

  • Exit your game then exit Origin (or EA App).
  • Drag the Mods folder from your ‘The Sims 4’ folder [Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4] onto your desktop (for future reference) then delete the localthumbcache.package file in your ‘The Sims 4’ folder. (When you restart the game it will automatically create a new Mods folder.) Do not re-add any of your Mods or CC at this time.
  • Restart your game and do not enter your previous game-save but begin a new game (do all of the testing in this new game-save). See if the issue is present in this new game-save.

If this fixes the issue you can re-add your Mods/CC one at a time (deleting the localthumbcache.package file each time)  to see which Mods/CC were conflicting with the function/causing the glitch – but do not re-add the old Resource.cfg file from the old Mods folder, as it is possible for it to have become corrupted.

If you have a lot of Mods or CC you can do so by via the 50/50 method.

Sims 4 | 50/50 Method

The 50/50 Mod troubleshooting method:

  • Exit your game.
  • Move your Mods folder to your desktop. (Do not delete it – save this for later.)
  • Restart the game so that it will recreate a new, fresh Mods folder. Do not re-add your Mods/CC, but instead enter the game and begin a new, vanilla (no Mods/CC) game. Enter that new, vanilla game-save to confirm if the issues are gone. Now exit your game.

If that fixed the issue, now you need to troubleshoot your Mods/CC to find which Mods/CC are causing the issue.
Use the 50/50 method as follows:

  • Divide your Mods/CC from the folder on your desktop in half.
  • Add one of the halves back into the game’s Mods folder. Now re-start the game and see if the issue is still gone in the vanilla/new game-save you made.
  • If the issue did not re-appear with those added Mods/CC you can try adding the 2nd half from the desktop. If the issues did re-appear, try only adding half of those mods and see if the issue is present in the game…
  • Continue in this pattern dividing the folders’ contents in half then half again as needed to eliminate in groupings which Mods/CC are causing the issue.

Once you find the Mod/CC(s) that’s causing the issues, check with the Mod/CC creators for updates that may fix the issues. Note: Do not re-add the old Resource.cfg file from the old mods folder, as it is possible for it to have become corrupted also.

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