Set as Head in Sims 4

What is ‘Set as Head’ & how can I use it on a stuck object?

What is 'Set as Head'?

‘Set as Head’ is a super strange debug option – but it can be very helpful. Sometimes an object is ‘stuck’ (frozen) and the Sim cannot pick it up in live mode and you cannot grab it in build mode.

The object may be stuck on the lot or off the lot but near your lot. When this happens sometimes the ‘Set as Head’ option can help.

How do I use ‘Set as Head’ on an object on the Sim’s lot?

If the object is on the lot:

Enable Testing Cheats:
• With your lot open, press Shift+Control+C to open the cheat console box (upper left of your screen). Enter the following in the cheat code box…
testingcheats on (press enter):  (Note: testingcheats true also works)
testingcheats on
• You will see a confirmation message: “Cheats are enabled”:
testing cheats enabled confirmation message

Set as Head
• Have your Sim stand by the object.
• Select your Sim, then ‘shift+click’ on the on the object. Choose ‘Set as head’. Don’t be freaked out – the object will now be huge and the Sim’s head.
Set as Head 1
• Now ‘shift+click’ on the large object on the Sim’s head and choose “Reset Object (Debug)” from the pie menu that pops up. Now the large object will be on the ground.
Set as Head 2

Disable Testing Cheats:
Enter the following in the cheat code box…
testingcheats off (press enter):  (Note: testingcheats false also works)
testingcheats off
• You will see a confirmation message: “Cheats are disabled”:
testing cheats off confirmed
• You can delete the huge object now, or enter build mode and shrink it to normal size. Select the large object. Press the ‘[‘ key 3 times until it’s the normal size. If you have difficulties doing this you can try enabling MOO.
Set as Head 3

How do I use ‘Set as Head’ on an object that’s off the Sim’s lot?

Object stuck just outside the Sim’s lot or on the boundary line:
Make sure the Sim is standing on their own lot (within their lot boundaries), then use the directions above.
Object stuck on in world not near Sim’s lot:
Have your Sim stand on any lot near the object that is a lot you can enter in Build Mode, or that you can enter in Build Mode by using the enablefreebuild cheat. Then use the directions above.

Tip: I’ve heard that the Mod “T.O.O.L.” may be able to remove some objects off-lot.

If the object is an instrument...

If the object is an instrument please direct them from the editable lot to play the instrument. The instrument should then ‘teleport’ to your Sim to be played on the lot. You will not be able to keep it if you don’t own it, but in Build Mode you should have the ability to delete it.
– Tip courtesy of CGrant56

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