Fat Sim in Sims 4

My Sims are fat. How can Sims lose weight?

How to Get Your Sims to Lose Weight & Raise Fitness

Free base game options, in-game purchase items, pack fitness items, tips, and more to raise Sim fitness &/or to lose weight…

Free Options (BaseGame)

  • Tell your Sim to jog.
  • Have your Sim go to the gym and workout. There’s a gym in Willow Creek and one in Oasis Springs. Otherwise you could download one from the gallery or build one.
  • If your Sim is energized you can click on the floor and direct them to do exercises. You can pause and queue up several.
  • You can take the Sim into CAS and ‘push in’/re-shape areas of their body that have gotten fluffy.


Aspiration Points Reward Store Option

  • There’s a drink called “Insta-Lean” in the Aspiration Points Reward Store.


Options That Require Purchased Items In-Game (BaseGame)

  • Build a pool and have your Sims swim.
  • Purchase fitness equipment and tell them to use it. Fortunately, once you direct a Sim to use fitness equipment enough they will begin to do so autonomously sometimes. (Unless, perhaps, they are lazy or some similar trait.)


Options That Require Purchased Packs



  • My favorite way to keep my Sims fit is to add side-by-side treadmills, then have them workout. This causes them to multi-task and raise their social skill plus fitness at the same time because they chat while running.
  • Better yet I often add a TV in view and have them watch the Cooking Channel at the same time. Then both Sims raise their fitness, social, fun, and cooking all at the same time. Yay!
  • I get my Sims the ‘Gym Rat’ reward trait asap so they don’t lose hygiene as fast when working out.
  • The more energized your Sim is the faster the fitness skill will raise.

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