Glossary of Sims Terms

New to Sims? This Glossary of Sims Terms may help you sort it out.


The Sims 4 | Say WHAT???


Sims 4 | The Lingo

Terms you may hear used in regards to The Sims 4:

  • Mod = Modification to the game function that is not from the manufacturer (ie: to add or modify sim behaviors or functions in the game)
  • CC = Custom Content is created to modify the physical appearance of game items (ie: to add new wallpapers, clothing items, furniture, etc.)
  • 50/50 Method = A method of searching for a broken Mod/CC that is useful if you have an lot of Mods/CC. Click here for directions.
  • Vanilla Game = A vanilla game is a game without Mods or Custom Content added
  • New Game Save = Going to the Main Menu in the game and creating a New Game and saving it
  • Maxis Faves (aka Maxis Curation, Maxis Favs) = Households, rooms, and lots that have been selected by the Maxis/EA SimGurus as favorites. These choices are then announced to the Sims Community.
    Guide on the Maxis Faves selection process & policies.
  • Plumbob = ( ♦ ) The diamond shape hovering over the head(s) of your active Sims household… the color will change per the mood of the Sim
  • Legacy Sims | Legacy  Challenges = Involving Sims or challenges played for generations
  • MOO = Move Objects On cheat
  • CAS = Create-a-Sim (Edit, add, or remove Sim from the household in Create-a-Sim)
  • BB = Build & Buy Mode (Edit, purchase, and build on your lot)
  • Lot = the plot of land you can purchase a home on or build on
  • Lot Type = assign a use for lot and what requirements it has (ie: residential, library, gym, etc.)
  • Lot Traits = The Lot Traits assigns special positive, negative, &/or useful moodlets or qualities to the lot. (ie: The trait ‘Good Schools’ leads to kids getting better grades and doing well on homework, etc.)
  • GPU = Graphics Card
  • Cache = Your game stores (caches) a copy of certain files to help it load faster. Files and folders that store this information are the game’s cache.
  • Game Repair = Open Origin, click ‘Game Library’ then right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game
  • NPC aka Townies = Non-Playable character, game-generated Sims that cannot be found in ‘Manage Households’ and don’t actually live in the Sims world. Example: The Grim Reaper.
  • SimGuru aka Guru = An EA employee who interacts with the sims community publicly
  • Simmer = A Sims player
  • Simlish = the language the Sims use
  • Base Game = The Sims 4 game, Standard Version
  • The Sims 4 Standard Edition = “The Sims 4” game
  • The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition = “The Sims 4” game, plus ‘The Sims 4’s digital soundtrack’ and additional content (a small number of clothing, costumes, furniture, & food items). Additional content is listed here:
  • The Sims 4 Legacy Edition = The Sims 4 Legacy Edition of “The Sims 4” game provides long term support for computers that rely on older technologies – Legacy Edition FAQs
  • EP = Expansion Pack
  • GP = Game Pack
  • SP = Stuff Pack
  • MCCC = MC Command Center
  • MTS = Mod the Sims
  • World Menu View | Manage Worlds:
    World Menu-Sims 4-SheriGR
  • World Map View:
    World Map-Sims 4-SheriGR
  • Main Menu:
    Main Menu
  • Pie Menu = the circular pop-up of options:
    Sims 4-split household using computer
  • Manage Households = click icon at top right of screen – these are the households that are currently in the game save you are playing. After you click this you will see “My Households” and “Other Households” (see note below):
    Sims 4 - manage households
  • My Households / Other Households = click “Manage Households” icon (see above note) to view these tabs.
    My Households tab = households you have played, opened/edited, or ‘favorited’.
    Other Households tab = households you have not played, opened/edited, or ‘favorited’:
    [NOTE: If you ‘unfavorite’ (heart) a ‘My Households’ household, it moves to ‘Other Households’, and visa-versa.]
    My Households / Other Households
  • Custom Content tag in the gallery:
    What does the CC tag look like?
    The Custom Content tag in the gallery looks like a small blue ‘bookmark’ icon with a white wrench on it. It will be in the upper left corner of the gallery thumbnail.
  • Routing Issues = when a Sim’s path or interaction with something you’ve directed them to do is blocked. The Sim will wave their arms in the air and have a thought bubble with shoes, a dotted line, and a red “X” in it.
  • Simoleons = the type of money the Sims use
  • Stack = a “stack” is a group of the same item combined together in a Sim’s Household Inventory or Personal Inventory
  • UI = User Interface
  • Game Version #:
    Version Number

What is Simlish?

Simlish refers to the language the Sims use. It’s my understanding that it’s a combination of languages, and imagination. Just for fun, here are a few commonly used words and phrases:

  • Sul Sul = Hello
  • Dag Dag = Goodbye
  • Nooboo = Baby
  • Yibbs | Yibbsy = Yes
  • Neib = No
  • Chumcha = Food
  • Plum = swear word
  • Shooflee = distress
  • Ongie = Selfie
  • Dis Wompf Es Fredesche! = ‘This food is delicious!
  • Ravasheen! = ‘Lookin’ Good!
  • Za Woka Genava = ‘You are HOT!
  • Fleny Fleny! = ‘Out, out, OUT…I really need to pee!
  • #@!  = Shout forbidden words

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