Taking Screenshots in Sims 4

Ways to take Sims 4 screenshots on PC & Mac

Screenshots in-game or using your computer | Hosting your images & slideshows | Web-ready your images | Screenshot Tips

Need a screenshot from your Sims 4 game?

Learn to take screenshots on PC or Mac, re-size images, & web-ready or compress screenshots from your Sims 4 game.

Take screenshots in-game

You can take in-game screenshots by pressing ‘c’ and grabbing the image from your game folder.

  • These screen captures can be set to capture the ‘UI’ (User Interface) or not in settings.
  • This type of screenshot will capture the entire screen in your window at the time you press ‘c’.
  • It will not include things like ‘thought bubbles’.
  • The settings to capture or not capture the UI in the screenshot can be set at the main menu or in the game save.

Here’s how…

Go to “Game Options > Screen Capture > Memory/Picture Capture” (either at the Main Menu or in your game save) and choose and save either:

1.  If you check the box “Capture UI” (User Interface) then press “Apply Changes”:
UI enabled for screenshots

Then you press “c” to capture a screenshot in your game, your screenshot will include the User Interface (UI) as below:
With UI
(Sim by PugLove888, “Loomis“; Lot – “Sulani Sapphire Shores)

.  If you do not check the box “Capture UI” (User Interface) then press “Apply Changes”:
UI disabled for screenshots

Then you press “c” to capture a screenshot in your game, your screenshot will not include the User Interface (UI) as below:

3.  Your screenshots will be located in your “Screenshots” folder in your The Sims 4″ folder. Go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Screenshots.


Taking a screenshot on PC

Screenshots in PC can be taken a number of ways. I will go over a couple here. With these methods you should be able to:

  • Grab a screenshot in-game or out.
  • It should include anything you see on the screen.

PC options include…

1Print Screen:

  • Press the [Windows key + Print Screen (PrtScn)] keys on your keyboard to copy the screen content.
  • You will find your screenshot(s) in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

2Snipping Tool:

  • (Windows Key + Shift + S) saves to the clipboard.
  • You can snip the entire screen instead of just a section by choosing the option at the top center.
  • Then open the clipboard and there’s a “Save As” that lets you save where you want.

Additional detail on features of the Snipping Tool can be found at this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/13776/windows-10-use-snipping-tool-to-capture-screenshots
(Thank you for the Windows directions, CGrant56!)


Taking a screenshot on Mac

I’m on Mac. My favorite way to take screenshots:

  • I can grab a quick screenshot of any portion and sized area that I want in-game or out.
  • It will include anything I see on the screen.
  • It shows up right away on my desktop.

Here’s how it works…

1.  Press “Shift + Command + 5. You will see a pop-up/overlay that will allow you several options:

  • Capture Entire Screen
  • Capture Selected Window
  • Capture Select Portion

2.  Once you’ve made your selection, press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ on your keyboard, or select ‘Capture’.

3.  Your screenshot .png(s) will show up on your desktop.


Hosting Your Screenshot

When & why would you need to host your images?

For many purposes your screenshots will need a place to ‘live’ on the web – a hosting location. This is a service or location that you can reference for links to your screenshots &/or for slideshows.

  • You may want to create a slideshow and add a link to it on the forum or in your gallery item description.
  • Some challenges will want you to provide a link to a slideshow &/or images in the post (which require a link).
  • Some locations will require a specific type of image link (see blow).
  • You may want to add a link to a slideshow to your Tweet or other Social Media
  • Some forum posts require that you add a link rather than upload an image to add a screenshot/image to your post.

Where can I host my images & slideshows?

There are many options for this, and most of them are free. Some locations will compress the images as you upload them, but in most locations it’s advisable to web-ready (compress) & resize your images. Examples are Facebook, Flickr, your own website or blog, & my favorite… Imgur.

Some helpful features and examples of using my favorite hosting service, Imgur:

  • On Imgur, you can upload your screenshots and create a slideshow and publish it for the public. Then copy the URL link in the browser at the top of the page.
    Slideshow URL
  • You can also link to individual images that you’ve uploaded to your Imgur account. There are various types of links to choose from:
    Image Links


Screenshot TIPS

Using Sims 3 Camera & Sims 4 Camera:

  • (Shift + Ctrl + Tab) will shift between Sims 3 Camera & Sims 4 Camera
  • Or select Sims 3 Camera or Sims 4 Camera in the top right of your game screen:
    Camera 3 Camera 4

Freely Rotating the Camera in Live Mode:

  • This option only works in Live Mode (with a Sim on the lot).
  • Pause your game…
  • Press (Tab) to freely rotate the camera (in Sims 3 Camera & Sims 4 Camera).
  • Click the screen then pan/scroll around for additional angles.

Using Sims 3 Camera for additional angles:
When taking screenshots of a lot, you can get some great angles in Sims 3 Camera Mode. Experiment.

  • Switch to Sims 3 Camera (see above) you can then press the up or down arrow directional key on your keyboard while holding the ‘Command/Control’ key to move the angle up or down (by two clicks). Two clicks down will take you to ‘ground level’ view.
  • This method works well for screenshots and angles (for building and checking placement, etc.), and it works in live or build mode – though it does not allow the wonderful ‘free camera’ movement of the ‘Free Rotating Camera’  (see above).

Additional TIPS:

  • Remember to hide the grid. This will make a much better screenshot. Press “g” in build mode to hide the grid.
  • Click “T” in build-mode to toggle a top-down view for certain screenshots.
  • Remember to web-ready & resize your images if needed (click toggle below for more info on web-readying pics):

Are your images web-ready?

images-sized-for-web - right images on your website
Photos for your website must be made web-ready. An image that is not in the correct format and size for the web will load slowly. You can have your web designer do this, or learn to do it with software like Adobe PhotoshopBlogStompImage Optimizer, Microsoft Office, TinyPNGReduce Images OnlineGIMP (learn about) (download here), or with a WordPress plugin. Learn more about optimizing images in this Elegant Themes article. You will also want to make sure that your image is the appropriate dimension for your purpose using software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Microsoft Paint.

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